Semester 1 Start Information

Semester 1 Startup Information

1. Courses begin throughout the week of September 5.

This means you may not receive all your courses on the same day.  You can login daily to see if your course has begun.  You will receive an email notifying you as well. 

On Monday September 11th, if one or more of your courses are missing then you can contact the office.  Please do not call/email before then.

2. Courses will show up as "Pending" in your application until you are loaded into them.  Then they will show as "Confirmed" once they have begun.

3. Timetables and teaching assignments will not be available until courses begin throughout the week of  September 5th.  They will be posted in the course.

4. A new student orientation will be available to students the week of September 5th-8th.  Details will be posted in the Student Guide, which students will have access to once courses begin.