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1) Courses begin throughout the week of February 6th.  This means you may not receive all your courses on the same day.  You can login daily to see if your course has begun.  You will receive an email notifying you as well. 

On Friday, February 10th, if one or more of your courses are missing then you can contact the office.  Please do not call/email before then.

2) Courses will show up as "Pending" in your application until you are loaded into them.  Then they will show as "Confirmed" once they have begun.

3) Timetables and teaching assignments will not be available until courses begin throughout the week of February 6th.  They will be posted in the course.

4) A new student orientation will be available to students the week of February 6th.  Details will be posted in the Student Guide, which students will have access to once courses begin.

Recent News

New Student Orientation Meetings - Week of February 3rd

There will be several meetings held the week of February 3rd by our Student Services teacher, Mrs. Kuypers, welcoming new students and helping them navigate their way through our program.  

Meetings are scheduled on Tuesday, February 4th at 2 pm and Wednesday, February 5th at 12:35 pm. Students only need to attend one meeting if they want - these are optional but recommended.  If they cannot make a meeting they can watch the recording. 

There will be a drop-in session on Friday, February 7th at 11:55 am where students can ask general questions about the program.

Students can find out more details in the Student Guide announcement: Welcome! From Student Services when they are placed into the Student Guide course. 

Reminder: Students will be added throughout the week of February 3rd into their course(s) and they will receive an email letting them know when they have been added.  Be sure to check your junk mail.

Please do not contact the office for details.

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event 1/31/20
Bell Let't Talk Day

The Virtual Learning Centre will be joining the conversation about mental health on January 29th, Bell's Let's Talk Day.



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event 1/29/20
Semester 2 Start Up Information

Semester 2 begins February 3rd. 

Timetables and teaching assignments will not be available until courses begin throughout the week of February 3, 2020. 

Students will receive emails when courses begin.  Login credentials will be included in these emails.

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event 1/28/20
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Our Courses

All of our courses are taught by highly qualified Ontario teachers who understand how to blend the power of synchronous, streamed communication with the flexibility of static, anywhere-anytime course content. Students succeed in our program and our attrition rates (under 20%) demonstrate that our program works for most learners.