Semester 2, 2021-22 Newsletter


Welcome to Semester 2 of the 2021-22 school year! I am looking forward to another exciting semester of learning. I have been in many meetings with my colleagues who work in our traditional brick and mortar schools and hearing the constant changes they’re facing I feel so lucky to be in the VLC where our learning environment has been consistent throughout the school year. I think our youth are going to come out of this pandemic having truly learned how to be adaptive to an ever-changing world.

I think this semester has been one of our quickest startups with students being all loaded into classes and starting live sessions on the first day of the semester. I wish everyone a great semester!

Student Guide

Both new and returning students are required to work through all the modules in the Student Guide course, even if you have done it before. Also, students need to check the Student Guide announcements regularly. All important information will be posted there.

Student’s in their Final Year

An announcement will be posted in the Student Guide next week with information for students in their final year at the VLC. Please ensure your child reads the announcement.

School News and Dates

Parents are encouraged to check our website regularly to keep up to date with school news. Important school dates can also be checked on our website using the Calendar menu

CHV2O/GLC2O Start Date

CHV2O has begun and will run for 9 weeks. Exam date: April 19th, 9:00 AM
GLC2O start date November 21s

Technical support

If students are having technical difficulties they can open a support ticket in Canvas by using the Help menu on the left-hand side and choosing “Report a Problem”. This will go to our support team and a solution will be emailed to the student’s VLC Gmail address.

In addition, we will be having three tech support meetings this week where students can login and get support with Canvas, Zoom, login into google, or any other technical support you may need with accessing your VLC classes. Times and the link can be found in the student guide announcements.

Final Exams (June 22-29)

Final exams will be scheduled from June 22-29. Specific dates and times for exams will be posted on student’s course homepages by the end of March. Please note that all exams will be proctored by Proctorio. For more information visit our website (

Students must be available for their final exams. Travelling, vacations and extracurricular activities are not a valid reason for missing an exam. Students who do not submit their culminating projects or write their final exams will forfeit the credit (no credit will be granted).

Important Dates

Feb 21 – No school (Public Holiday)
March 14 to 18 – March Break
April 15 – No School (Public Holiday)
April 18 – No School (Public Holiday)
May 4 – Full disclosure for grade 11 and 12 courses
May 23 – No School (Public Holiday)
June 10 at noon – Last day to submit overdue work
June 22 to 29th – Exams
June 30 – Graduation (To be confirmed)

Semester 1 Report Cards

Semester 1 report cards will be sent out to student’s VLC email addresses as well as their parents/guardians’ emails if under 18 on Friday, February 11th by 5 pm. Instructions for opening the attachments will be included in the email.

Within the VLC some students may have two midterm report cards attached to the email with some of their courses listed on each.


Student timetables were emailed out on February 4th. Please make sure you have read this email as it provides important information about how students will be studying in our program.

Taking Courses Elsewhere

We understand some students did not receive a full timetable since they selected their courses late during the last registration or courses were full when they registered.

We will place students in their requested waitlisted courses up until Friday, February 11th. If by next Monday, they do not have a full timetable (four courses) and would like to see what their options are for this then students can review the Student Guide Modules page: Taking Courses Elsewhere (summer school, night school, ILC and private online courses) and discuss the options with their parent/guardian if they are under 18.

Please note: If a homeschooled student is taking courses with the Virtual Learning Centre and would like to enrol in courses from other programs that are privately or publicly funded, including the Independent Learning Centre (ILC), our office needs to be notified ahead of time. Failure to do so may result in withdrawal from our program.


If you would like to withdraw from a course and you are under 18, a parent/guardian must email the registrar: [email protected] with the request from their personal email account.

If you are over 18 then you need to notify our office using your student Gmail account that you wish to withdraw from one or more of your courses. You can also log in to your application and update your Student Notes.

If you are attending another publicly funded or private school your guidance counsellor must email the registrar: [email protected] with the request.

If a student elects to withdraw course deposits will be forfeited (if applicable).

Full Disclosure

Students in senior courses (grade 11/12) have until May 4th at 11:59 pm to withdraw from a course without the course showing up on a transcript.

Full disclosure does not apply to students in Grade 9 or 10 courses.

Clubs and Extracurriculars

The VLC offers a large range of extra-curricular activities to enhance the experience of students and to build a school community. Clubs range from our student newspaper, the VLC Gazette, to clubs such as environment, chess, and debating.

We have a strong Student Council whose role is to build the school community and provide opportunities for students to voice opinions and recommendations to the Principal.

Clubs vary from year to year with student interests. A complete list of clubs is shared in the directory course in Canvas.

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