Code of Conduct

Virtual Learning Centre Program: Lindsay Adult and Continuing Education Centre

Acceptable and expected behaviour

All members of the school community must:

  • Demonstrate honesty and integrity
  • Respect the differences in people, their ideas and opinions
  • Treat one another with respect and dignity especially when there is disagreement
  • Respect and treat others fairly
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Demonstrate respect for others especially those in positions of authority
  • Respect the need of others to work in an environment that is conducive learning and teaching in an online setting
  • Be courteous and polite at all times especially in electronic mail exchanges

In addition all students must:

  • Respect the integrity of all online systems and networks
  • Respect all copyright laws
  • Respect the personal information and privacy of others
  • Be active and engaged participants in the learning program
  • Be accountable for off-school internet services which may have a negative impact on the school program, teachers or students
  • Obey directions from teaching and administrative staff
  • Complete all assignments and work in a timely and thorough manner

Unacceptable behaviour

All members of the school community must not:

  • Engage in bullying or aggressive behaviour
  • Threaten or intimidate others
  • Engage in behaviours motivated by hate or bias
  • Commit any act of vandalism that causes damage to school property or servers
  • Create a disturbance with interrupts or disquiets the proceedings of the school, a class, or any learning environment
  • Engage in any behaviour that would be considered as conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school or injurious to the physical or mental well being of others
  • Misrepresent an identity or assume the identity of another by using login credentials other than those specifically assigned. This includes using email or login information issued to another including family members

In addition, all students must not:

  • Share login credentials with anyone else
  • Knowingly upload any file or program that contains a virus, malware or other malicious code
  • Reproduce course content including assessments, electronic mail correspondence, digital captures, discussion or chat threads in any fashion and to any other server without explicit written permission from the school principal or designate
  • Use anyone else’s login account
  • Write, use, send, download or display any information that is hostile, insulting to others, obscene, threatening, or otherwise offensive.
  • Discuss in any open forum information that is critical of another student or teacher. Discussion forums and chat threads are open to all school members and not appropriate mediums for private correspondence.
  • Engage in any of the following acts of academic misconduct: Cheating: The act or attempted act of deception, in which a participant falsely represents that he or she has learned information in an academic exercise including unauthorized collaboration with others.Plagiarism: Representing the words, data or ideas of another as one’s own in any academic exercise. Collusion: Intentionally or knowingly helping or attempting to help another commit academic misconduct such as substituting for a test or completing an assignment for someone else. Collaborating with others while taking online tests or similar summative evaluation.

Students can expect that:

  • Appropriate and progressive discipline will result when school rules and routines are violated
  • While parental input is welcomed and considered, it is the responsibility of the school staff and administration to make decisions about discipline
  • Login privileges will be revoked at the discretion of the school Principal for acts deemed injurious to the moral tone of the school, injurious to the physical or mental well-being of any other member of the school community, or contrary to the Board or School Code of Conduct.
  • Suspension pending expulsion must be considered by the Principal for any act considered by the Principal to be significantly injurious to the moral tone of the school and/or to the physical well-being of others or for any conduct which is so refractory as to demonstrate that the student is unwilling to respect or respond to authority and/or respect the rights or dignity of other school community members despite having been given reasonable opportunity to do so.
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