VLC Student Bursaries

The Virtual Learning Centre will offer two ($1000.00) bursaries annually to two students who have completed no fewer than 8 credits with the VLC and are in attendance with the VLC program at the time of their graduation from Secondary School and who are pursuing post secondary studies at a recognized public College or University.

The bursaries will be awarded in June of the student’s graduating year and the funds released in October of the year following graduation from the VLC and upon receiving confirmation of enrolment from the post-secondary institution.

There are no other eligibility requirements but preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need and who have had a positive impact within the VLC community and who have demonstrated strong character attributes in the classroom and in their daily lives.


Selection Committee

The selection community will consist of one support staff representative, one school administrator, and no fewer than 4 teaching staff.  The selection committee will review all applications and may request supporting documentation beyond the initial application.



Applications will be accepted up until the end of May and the review committee will meet in the first week of June to finalize their decision.

Names of the bursary recipients will be announced at the VLC End of Year Celebration or in the third week of June.

Bursaries will be issued to recipients during the third week of October upon confirmation of enrolment at a recognized public college or university.


Application process

All applicants will be required to submit an online application prior to May 30th of their graduating year. The application will require a 2-3 paragraph written response by applicants that is intended to demonstrate how the applicant has had a positive impact on the VLC community and has demonstrated positive character attributes both within the VLC program and in their daily lives.

The remaining application will request information pertinent to the student’s post-secondary pathway and may require disclosure of financial information. All information in the application will remain confidential to the selection committee and will be used for the sole purpose of establishing financial need.