Exam Proctoring Policy Change

In light of COVID-19 we have reviewed our exam proctoring policy.

Based on current social distancing guidelines we have decided to move from in person proctoring to a web based service called Proctorio. Our exams will still be scheduled and information will be posted on the homepage of each course by November 3rd.   This software will permit students to complete their exams in the same location they typically complete their course work. When students start their exam they will have to complete a security screening where they authorize their computer to share their webcam and screen with us, then they will experience the same exam/test process they are used to seeing.  This will eliminate the need for families to submit proctor forms or secure their own proctors.

We will be providing information in the Student Guide on how to access Proctorio. We will post an announcement when we have added this information.

Students will need to use a windows, mac or chrome OS computer with a chrome browser installed. They will also be required to have a webcam and microphone in order to take their final exams.  Ipads and tablets cannot be used for final exams.

Teachers will be providing students with an opportunity to complete a test or quiz prior to the exam using this new software. This will allow students to ensure they are comfortable with the software before writing their final exam.


What if I have trouble with the screening process?
There will be a chat function on the screen that students can click on to receive live support with getting the exam started. 

Is someone watching me while I take my exam?
No. If your institution requires video, audio, or screen capture, Proctorio will store that data and provide an automated suspicion report to your instructor. No Proctorio employee has access to this data.

Who can view my exam recordings?
Only authorized school officials can unlock and view the exam recordings, not Proctorio. Additionally, our state-of-the-art, double-encryption technology ensures that all of your exam data is safe from hackers.

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