Registration Checklist

  • I have reviewed the website, including the FAQ and the Student Services – Planning Tools section.
  • I have reviewed the Course Offerings and made a list of 1 – 8 courses to register in for the upcoming semester, including 1 or more alternate courses.
  • I have completed the online application and ensured all the personal and contact information is correct.
  • I have checked my email, including my junk mail, and received the confirmation email for the registration and reviewed the courses I have registered for (if it says alternate you will not be placed in the course unless necessary).
    ***If you need to make any changes, this confirmation email will explain how to do so.
  • I have submitted all requested documentation.  Depending on the applicant’s status, the supporting documents may include:
    • School authorization forms
    • A copy of the birth certificate
    • An up-to-date transcript
    • A synopsis of the curriculum covered while receiving instruction at home
    • A copy of the ‘Letter of Intent to Homeschool’ submitted to your board for the school year you plan on attending the VLC
    • A copy of the ‘Letter of Intent to Homeschool’ confirmation letter from your local board within the first month of the semester.
    • Attestation of Residence – attestation confirming student resides in Ontario (Form will be provided during registration).  An attestation support document will need to be uploaded during the registration process as well.  Upload one of the following documents:

      • Current Agreement of Purchase and Sale
      • Current Property Tax Assessment
      • Current Utility Bill
      • Current Home Phone/Cable/Internet Bill

  • I have called in to make payment for the deposit for the courses (if requested).  Acceptable methods of payment are:  VISA, Mastercard, certified cheque or money order.  Details will be emailed to you.
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