Registration Checklist

  • I have reviewed the website, including the FAQ and the Student Services – Planning Tools section.
  • I have reviewed the Course Offerings and made a list of 1 – 8 courses to register in for the upcoming semester, including 1 or more alternate courses.
  • I have completed the online application and ensured all the personal and contact information is correct.
  • I have checked my email, including my junk mail, and received the confirmation email for the registration and reviewed the courses I have registered for (if it says alternate you will not be placed in the course unless necessary).
    ***If you need to make any changes, this confirmation email will explain how to do so.
  • I have submitted all requested documentation.  Depending on the applicant’s status, the supporting documents may include:
    • School authorization forms
    • A copy of the birth certificate
    • An up-to-date transcript
    • A synopsis of the curriculum covered while receiving instruction at home
    • A copy of the ‘Letter of Intent to Homeschool’ submitted to your board for the school year you plan on attending the VLC
    • A copy of the ‘Letter of Intent to Homeschool’ confirmation letter from your local board within the first month of the semester.
    • Attestation of Residence – attestation confirming student resides in Ontario (Form will be provided upon registration)
  • I have called in to make payment for the deposit for the courses (if requested).  Acceptable methods of payment are:  VISA, Mastercard, certified cheque or money order.  Details will be emailed to you.
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