OSSLT Information

As many of you are aware,  a compulsory graduation requirement for all secondary school students in Ontario is the successful completion of the OSSLT.  Students are to write the test in their grade 10 year and the test is always written in the spring and always from 9 am until approximately 1 pm. This year, the test is scheduled for Tuesday, April 10th, 2018.

Completing this test for distance learning students poses some special challenges as the test must be written according to strict guidelines imposed by EQAO and in designated locations and under trained test administrators. This is a high stakes test so students and parents need to pay close attention to the process. 

  • TLDSB students cross-enrolled with VLC should write the OSSLT at their home schools.  
  • Where possible, VLC students should plan on coming to Lindsay to write the test.   
  • Where this is not possible, we encourage parents to approach a school in their area to see if the Principal of that school will administer the test at their location. Some Principals may be concerned that this will impact their schools results.  VLC students should be added to the school's list for the test purposes but marked as "home schooled". With this designation, the results do not calculate with the school results. VLC provides a letter of introduction to clarify this process.  It can be downloaded from the announcement in the student guide.  You should start approaching schools now.  Please call schools to schedule an appointment and go in person.  Experience has shown this is a far more effective approach than emailing schools.  It would be best to arrange this before February 23rd.


Here is a summary of what you need to know:

1) Test date: Tuesday April 10th, 2018 at  9:00 A.M.
2) Test location: VLC office in Lindsay Ontario. 230 Angeline St. South or a publicly funded school (Public/Catholic/English/French) in your area  that has agreed to administer the test on your behalf.
NOTE: There are no exceptions to 1) & 2) above.

3) Test preparation: There will be support and practice materials provided by the VLC in the coming weeks. A very good place to get previous years' tests for practice is on the EQAO site itself.
4) All students in grade 10 are to write the test. Students in grades 11 and 12 who have not completed the test may do so at this time as well.