Semester 1 Exams

I hope that you all had a restful break and are ready to make that final push to the end of semester 1. We are going to be moving ahead with exams and final tests. I have included a link to some common troubleshooting tips with Proctorio. We encourage students and families to review it prior to exams. Please note that if a student does not complete their final test/exam then they will not earn the credit. 

We have also created a sample test that students can complete as many times as they like. We highly encourage students to attempt this test an hour before each of their exams starts to ensure everything is up to date and working. Teachers will be requiring students to complete a test leading up to the exam using Proctorio to ensure students are comfortable with using Proctorio prior to their exams. 

Proctorio troubleshooting link

Just as a reminder, students were sent a copy of their exam schedule by email. If this email has been misplaced they can access it by logging into their Student Profile from either the Student Guide or our website. 

The last day to hand in overdue work is January 14th at noon. Students who have independent study units (ISU) or culminating tasks may have deadlines after this date and must adhere to those deadlines. 

I know that this has been another busy semester and I am so proud of our students who have been working extremely hard. I know our program asks a lot of our students but it also prepares them very well for what lies beyond high school whether it be the workplace, apprenticeship, college, university, or something else. Our students are outstanding and we are very proud of them!

Mr. Cadeau-Mark

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