Students Timetables

We have been working on building our timetables for next year and we are ready to share your semester one and two course selections for next year. Students can log in to their Student Profile to review their courses for each semester. Students will be placed in these courses as long as all prerequisites have been met. 

For some students we may have utilized one of your alternate courses while building your timetable. If you were unsuccessful in a course that was a compulsory course we placed you back in that course for next year in order to keep you on track for graduation. 

Please remember when reviewing these courses that we may need to make changes. A confirmed schedule with times for classes will be sent by August 31st, 2023. Based on Ministry regulations on class sizes we are unable to move students between sections and semesters to customize their timetables. 

If you are on the waiting list for any courses students will be notified up until September 8th if a space becomes available. 

Please review your courses by logging to your profile:

Please go to your Student Profile and log in with your VLC credentials.

When visiting our website the login button will not work until August 31st when your courses are set up. 

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