Semester 1 Midterm, 2022-23 Newsletter

Semester 1 Midterm Report Cards

Semester 1 midterm report cards will be sent out to students’ VLC Gmail addresses as well as their parents/guardians’ emails if under 18. Instructions for opening the attachments will be included in the email. 


Within the VLC, some students may receive two midterm report cards attached to the email with some of their courses listed on each.

Honour Roll

We are going to be making a shift in our honour roll practices this year. We will still be sending certificates at the end of each semester, however, the calculation will be different. Historically students who achieved 80% or higher in one or more classes. This year students who maintain an 80% or higher average in all their courses for the semester will receive the certificate.


In addition to the certificate, students who have consented to share their name publicly, as indicated in your registration, will have their name listed on our website. Students who have not given permission to have their name shared publicly will still have their name shared in our Student Guide. If you wish to not have your name shared on either platform please email [email protected]

 to let us know.

Graduation and Post-Secondary Applications

Graduating students and students going on to post secondary programs were requested to complete the Graduation and Post-Secondary form in September so they could be added to our VLC Grad and Post-Secondary Club. Students in this club will have access to important information and resources for graduation and  for post-secondary programs and applications.  All students who have completed the form, and declared their intent to graduate, have been added to the course.  Mrs Kuypers has made several email requests to a few students who have yet to declare that this is their final year.  Please ask your potential grad if they are part of the VLC Grad Club.  If they are not, they need to complete the form in the September 12th Student Guide announcement (Graduation and Post-Secondary Information Request 2022/23 – IMPORTANT)  immediately

Inclement Weather

At the VLC we do not have inclement weather days, as our courses are offered virtually and there is no travel required. If your local school board announces an inclement weather day, please note this does not apply to VLC and you will be expected to follow your timetable as scheduled. 

Password Reset

Thank you to those who have reset their passwords. If you have not reset your password by November 28th your account will be placed on hold. Please ensure you follow the instructions provided while changing your password as changing it in Google only does not suffice.  Students needing support with this should open a support ticket with our technicians through Canvas (instructions above).

Just a reminder that if you forget your password you are able to reset it by going to our website choosing “Student Profile”. On the login screen there is an option for resetting your password. When you click on this link, you will be emailed a link to reset your password to your personal email on file.

Important Dates

November 18 – Full Disclosure

November 25 – PA Day (No classes)

December 23 – January 6th – Winter Holiday

January 26 – Last day of classes

January 27, 30, 31, February 1, 2 – Exam Days

February 6th – Semester 2 starts 

June 22 – 28 – Semester 2 Exam Days

Full Disclosure

Students in senior courses (grade 11/12) have until November 18th at 11:59 pm to withdraw from a course without the course showing up on a transcript. 


Details on how to withdraw – see below.


Full disclosure does not apply to students in Grade 9 or 10 courses.


If you would like to withdraw from a course, and you are under 18, a parent/guardian must email the registrar ([email protected]) with the request from their personal email account.

If you are over 18, you need to notify our office using your student Gmail account that you wish to withdraw from one or more of your courses. You can also log in to your application and update your Student Notes.

If you are attending another publicly funded or private school, your guidance counsellor must email the registrar ([email protected]) with the request.

If a student elects to withdraw, course deposits will be forfeited (if applicable).

Taking Courses Elsewhere

If a homeschooled student is taking courses with the Virtual Learning Centre and would like to enrol in courses from other programs that are privately or publicly funded, including the Independent Learning Centre (ILC), our office needs to be notified ahead of time. Failure to do so may result in withdrawal from our program. 

When a student completes any external credits, they must  upload the final report card to their Student Profile, so the office can help them keep track of their OSSD requirements and ensure they have prerequisites for future courses.  Given that many of our students are homeschooled, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to keep track of their OSSD requirements but our office can provide support along the way.  Our guidance counsellor will share resources with students that will help them keep track of these requirements and they can provide assistance with course selection, pathway planning and eventually support them in the graduation and post-secondary application process.

Any external credits completed (outside of the VLC) will not be added to the student’s status/credit counselling sheet or the Completion of Requirements for Graduation page of our VLC final report cards until a student’s graduating semester with the VLC.

Technical Support

If students are having technical difficulties they can open a support ticket in Canvas by using the Help menu on the left-hand side and choosing “Report a Problem”. This will go to our support team and a solution will be emailed to the student’s VLC Gmail address. 

Final Exams (January 27, 30, 31, February 1, 2)

Final exams are scheduled on January 27, 30, 31, February 1, 2. Specific dates and times for exams are posted on student’s course homepages and have been emailed to families. Please note that all exams will be proctored by Proctorio. For more information visit our website (

Failure to write or missing an exam or culminating task deadline without a medical note defending your absence forfeits the credit for the course. Other plans or travel are not conflicts and students are expected to write their exams and hand in their culminating tasks at the scheduled time without exception.

Failure to write or missing an exam or culminating task deadline without a medical note defending your absence forfeits the credit for the course. Other plans or travel are not conflicts and students are expected to write their exams and hand in their culminating tasks at the scheduled time without exception.

Address Updates

If you have moved you need to update your Student Notes immediately with  your new address, complete with street number, street name, city,  postal code, and any unit or apartment number. If your phone number has changed please include that as well. 

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