Terry Fox Totals

We would like to thank all of the students, families, supporters and staff and who took part in our school's Terry Fox fund raiser and school run this year.  The Terry Fox foundation is an "organization that still embodies the values of its founder; that funds cancer research projects that are innovative and daring; that has become an important part of community-building and fellowship" and your contributions have helped.



Our school raised just over $1700 this year which will help the foundation with their research projects.  Way to go everyone!

Please remember to submit your Terry Fox Run/Walk/Bike selfies to the Student Guide Course.

Thanks again to those who participated.

Bursary winners announced

Two well deserving VLC students were named as recipients of 2 $1000.00 bursaries this week. Each year, 2 graduating students are supported in the next leg of their educational career. Further information is availble to registered students in the student guide course.

Summer is here!

Congratulations to all of our VLC students for completing the 2015-2016 school year.  We have issued nearly 4000 credits!

Please enjoy some well deserved rest this summer. Be safe and we look forward to welcoming you back in the fall. 

Final exam reminders

Students are reminded that final exams must be written as scheduled. A missed exam will forfeit a credit. Exams must be written and a proctor identified with a proctor form before the credit will be granted and a report card issued

OUAC Deadline

January 11th, 2017:  Deadline for Ontario high school students to submit their completed 101 application to the OUAC.  Students must make payment for the application to be active.

Happy New Year!

Staff at the Virtual Learning Centre wishes students and their families a very Happy New Year.  May 2017 hold peace, health and happiness for all.

Keeping up to date!

Our Summer semester is a very compressed one.  It is essential that you remain up to date.  Please make sure you are communicating with your teachers on a regular basis.

Final Reports for 2016-17 Sem 2

Final report cards for Semester 2 were mailed on Wednesday July 12th.

Bell Let's Talk About It Day - Jan 24th

Tomorrow on Bell Let’s Talk Day, January 25th, The Virtual Learning Centre will be joining the conversation around mental health.

New Student Orientation Meetings

New Student Orientation Meetings

There will be several meetings held throughout the week by our Student Services teacher, Mrs. Kuypers, welcoming new students and helping them navigate their way through our program.  

The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 5th at 2 pm.  Students can find out more details and additional meeting times in the Student Guide announcements.  Please do not contact the office for details.  If you cannot make this meeting there will be three more this week, not to worry!

Terry Fox Fundraising Update

So far, we have raised $265.00.  This is a great start to our Terry Fox Challenge, however, we are a long way short of our target.   Mr. Roffe is feeling pretty comfortable and doesn't feel he has a lot to fear.  He is not warming up his vocal repertoire!