Do credits from other schools and programs count toward my diploma? (Equivalency)

This depends. The “equivalency” process is the process of assessing credentials from other jurisdictions and may result in credits being granted as equivalent on the Ontario Report Card. A maximum of 16 equivalency credits for grade 9 and 10 may be granted and these are for placement purposes only. Programs must represent the same standards of achievement as credits granted to students who have taken the courses in Ontario and outlined in the Ministry’s Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Policy: (

Equivalency credits will be considered for students who are studying on a full-time basis (3-4 credits in a semester) with the VLC and only for students who have successfully completed a full semester of VLC courses.

No equivalency will be considered for incomplete courses or courses taken concurrently with the VLC program.

Once you begin working toward your diploma, it is expected that Ontario credits will be granted for Ontario curriculum taught in publicly funded or otherwise inspected schools. Do not expect us to assess an English course from Florida where the Ontario version of the course is available to you from the VLC or another accredited Ontario school. If, however, you have moved from another jurisdiction or taken alternative courses from another provider prior to enrolling in the VLC, we will certainly consider granting equivalent credits for grade 9 or 10 level for placement purposes.

Further, in the spirit of providing as many pathways to success for our students, alternative programs for credit may be considered where:

  1. a similar program is not available in an Ontario school
  2. alignment with Ontario curriculum standards is possible
  3. the program of study includes formal instruction with appropriate reporting and assessment and evaluation routines
  4. a formal mark is generated and reported by means of a report card and/or transcript
  5. approval for consideration of the program has been granted by the VLC Principal prior to enrolment

Please note, approval for consideration of a program for credit does not guarantee that a credit will be granted. A review of the course of study and the student’s performance therein would require further review.

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