What about French?

If students have the required 600 hours of elementary school French (which they can demonstrate by submitting their grade 8 report card) they are able to select a French course from either the academic (FSF1D) or applied levels (FSF1P).

If students do not have the 600 required hours from elementary school then there are two options:

1) Students can register for the grade 9 open level Core French course (FSF1O). This is an introductory course for students who have little or no knowledge of French or who have not accumulated the minimum of 600 hours of elementary Core French instruction.

2) If students have completed private lessons or an alternate curriculum at home, then they can register for the grade 9 applied level Core French course (FSF1P).  Please submit a synopsis of the material completed to support your registration. (Documents can be uploaded using the “Upload Documents” button on the mail website).

If a student has an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) or other Psychoeducational Assessment that recommends that the student be exempted from French in high school then the Principal can substitute the required French credit with an elective course in the student’s graduating year.  Parents can make the request to the registrar after they have registered and uploaded the supporting documentation.

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