How are online courses taught?

For each of the courses you take, you will be expected to participate in five 75 minute periods (6 and 1/4 hours) per week plus the potential of homework. This participation will be outlined below.

Students will have two 75 minute live classes per week where they will join a Zoom meeting and have direct interaction with their teacher. These times are indicated on the timetable as “Live Class”. These sessions are recorded if a student is unable to attend. If students are unable to attend their live class, watching the required recordings is imperative to be successful.

Students will also have two 75 minute periods per course of “Asynchronous Learning”. This time is for students to work independently on their course. We have put this on the timetable to encourage students to keep that routine. If students need to change these times we encourage them to plan when they will complete the two 75 minutes periods that week.

Students will also have one 75 minute period per course of “Open Office.” This is the time where teachers are available to meet with students to answer questions about the course material/assignments. This is an optional session. Students can also use this time for asynchronous learning or to complete their coursework. If students do not feel like they need to meet with their teacher they should be treating this period as an asynchronous learning period and continue to work on their courses. Teachers may request that students attend this session for direct or small group instruction.

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