Letter of Intent to Homeschool: What is it? How do I get one?

When a homeschooled student under the age of 18 registers for courses with our program, a parent/guardian must provide our school with evidence from that school board that their child is not attending their local school.

Each school year a student attends our program (under the age of 18) a parent/guardian will need to upload:

  1. A copy of the ‘Letter of Intent to Homeschool’ submitted to your local board for the school year you plan on attending the VLC once they register, or shortly after.  As noted in the registration process, an application is not considered complete until we have all of the requested supporting documents submitted.  You can find a general list of the required documents on our website under Registration Information – Steps for Applying.
  2. Your school board will respond to your request and provide you with a homeschool confirmation letter.  We understand this may take time for them to process, so the confirmation letter from your local board needs to be uploaded to the Student’s Profile within the first month of the semester.  It does not need to be submitted when the student registers, unless you already have it. Then please upload it to

***You can use this sample letter of intent to home school form from the Ministry website or the form provided by your school board. We recommend that you contact your local school board to use the home school letter they provide.

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