Home School Synopsis

A home school synopsis may be required when:

  1. A student is entering our program and took courses that are not accredited in Ontario;
  2. A student in our program wants to take a course that they have not completed the official prerequisite for.  

Students can provide us with one or more of the following pieces of information:

  • name of the textbook (McGraw Hill, Nelson, Pearson) or curriculum packages used;
  • curriculum program used ex. Saxon, Abeka, Tree of Life, Apologia, Bob Jones;
  • a brief description of how the student was evaluated and by whom and the final mark (if awarded).

For students who are new to our program they can type this information into a text box during the application process.  

Current students can upload a pdf with the information to their student profile.  

If any report cards or transcripts were received then these can be uploaded to the student profile.  New students will have access to the student notes once they register and can upload the documents as a pdf file then.

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