Does VLC offer Cooperative Education?

We cannot offer ‘traditional’ co-op where students attend the placement in person.  Traditional co-ops require a teacher to supervise portions of the placement. Students in our program are from diverse regions across Ontario so this teacher supervision is not possible.

Students who complete the GPP3O: Leadership and Peer Support course are eligible to take part in the GPP3O co-operative course.  This co-op cannot be selected during registration.  Successful GPP3O students are given instructions on how to add this course in after they complete their course.

If additional online co-op placements are available through the VLC they will be posted to students in the Student Guide announcements around registration time (mid-March) and if there are additional placements they will be posted in the school year and interested students can apply by following the instructions in the Student Guide announcement.

All students must be in at least grade 11 to take part in a co-op placement.

If you would like to have a traditional co-op placement in person, then you will have to discuss this with your local school board.  If you register for co-op (or any courses) with your local school then you will need to make arrangements for authorization to take VLC courses at the same time.  Please see the FAQ Who can take courses with the VLC? for more information.

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